End-user Support Optimization Services


We review, classify and analyze each support tickets and provide recommendations to help you improve your service levels while reducing costs and workload.  


Improve service quality and satisfaction

End-user support represent is an important portion of the It budget and is the source of many issues between It and the business. 

Over 65% of end-users consider their help-desk as unresponsive or rude. 


Reduce costs and workload

IT leaders lack the time and resources to analyse

An analyst reviews, classifies and analyze each support tickets. A monthly report is delivered with a breakdown of the type of tickets, where they came from and how many were preventable. recommendations are given to help reduce tickets in the future. 


User Data Mining

By inspecting relationships among all of the data amassed on users, data mining seeks to discover patterns of behavior – or indicators of such patterns – that can be used to formulate marketing programs or campaigns aimed at maximizing revenue per customer. Alternatively, it can be used to reduce the marketing spend on probable low-value customers.

Pinpoint ensures insights from data mining activities are made actionable by formally connecting the data mining process to the offer/message formulation and targeting processes using campaign management. Without this connection, the value of the insight will remain unrealized.



  • Reduced support workload: our analysts classifies the support requests, freeing your agents from the tedious administrative tasks to focus on the users. 
  • Reduction of the number of support tickets: Our analysts work with your team to identify ways to reduce the number of tickets at the source, avoiding the calls altogether. 
  • Improve service quality: We identify recurring issues and proposes solutions to proactively address them in the future. 
  • Better technology choices: We identify the equipments, peripherals and infrastructure components that generates the most calls and offer alternatives. 



  • Dashboards – continuously updated snapshots and trends of key performance indicators and other metrics of interest, delivered to the desktop of each decision maker
  • Benchmarking: Compare your results to similar organizations and find improvements opportunities
  • Analyst support: An analyst will work with you and your team to analyze the data, make recommendations and ensure their validity over time. A quarterly meeting will be scheduled to formally review the results, but he/she will always be available as needed. 
  • Hands-off approach: We do the classifications and analysis for you. your agents don't have to spend time classifying tickets. 
  • Best practices recommendations: We provide strategies that have been proven to work amongst our clients. And we stand by them, monitoring them over time to make sure it did help. 
  • User segmentation: Classifies your users based on their usage pattern and develop solutions targeted specifically for them. 



  • An analysis of the different type of equipments found that a certain model of laptop had much higher rate of failures. By changing the model to a similar but less problematic one, IT has been able to reduce the number of calls and replacements. 
  • An analysis of the departments has shown that a specific department was making 130% more calls than average. The analysis showed that MS Office skills were subpar. Leveraging available MS Office training available, IT has been able to retrain its user and reduce the number of calls.