You’re working hard, but your value isn’t recognized

  • Does your business start projects without telling IT?

  • Do you get too many requests that aren’t strategic?

  • Does your IT department have a generally poor reputation in your organization?

  • Are you not able to start projects that are perceived as too expensive, because people don’t understand their value?

Why monthly surveys?

  • IT services improve, while staying in budget

  • Monthly surveys give ongoing performance feedback

  • Feedback demonstrates continuous improvement

  • Creates a culture of service

  • What gets measured, gets done

  • Business is assumed to be going in the right direction

  • The service you provide is so important, it’s measured monthly

Be seen as a business partner in your organization

  • Your work will be recognized as valuable

  • You’ll be included in decisions, no surprise initiatives

  • Resources will be better allocated, and you won’t be short on cash

  • Enjoy a better project success rate

But I don’t want to bother employees

  • Actually, users are happy to be solicited to give feedback about IT

  • It tells them their opinions are important

  • They feel like you’re interested in what they have to say