Infrastructure and security policy

Green Elephant uses a cloud infrastructure designed to maximize availability, reliability, and security.


Green Elephant's database provider uses the following technologies in storing and managing your applications and data:

  • Data Storage: MongoDB
  • Data Indexing: Solr
  • Application Rendering: JavaScript
  • Application Processing: Node.js
  • Servers: Amazon AWS

Data Security:

Green Elephant goes beyond industry standard management practices in ensuring your data is secured at all times:

  • Encryption: all data transfer is encrypted with SSL at each transfer stage.
  • Protection: all data storage is password protected and secured behind firewalls.
  • Passwords: all passwords are hashed and encrypted before being stored. No plain-text passwords are ever stored for any user accounts.
  • Ownership: both the data stores and indexes are on servers managed by our database provider, and no third parties are used for maintenance or storage.


All of the application rendering and processing is done with failover and load balancing in place. The Mongo data stores are replicated on additional servers in different locations for higher availability. 


Multiple backups of all app data are securely made daily to both on and offsite locations.


Green Elephant uses a distributed cloud-based system, which means that scalability can be achieved by simply adding capacity as needed. 

User access:

Our clients trust us with their confidential information. We take great care to earn this trust. Only your account managers has access to the personal information. Strict user access policies and auditing is used to control access to personal information. 

As well, mass emails can only be generated automatically from our system.  Support personnel have access to individual emails to answer questions but don't have the capabilities to send mass emails. 

Data sharing policies:

We may provide aggregated, "blind" data to third parties or researchers to conduct research. We may also provide such information to third parties for overall forecasting, trend research, or other purposes. Your users personal information or company information will never be shared.