Who really has an IT strategy?

I've always been wondering how many organizations really have an IT strategy. From my experience with my clients and peers, I've seen the following scenarios:

  • 1. Don't have one, don't need one: "We know what we have to do, we don't need to overanalyze everything."
  • 2. Don't have one, may need one: ""We should get around to do a strategy one day but we don't have the time / money to do it now."" Or: ""We don't even have a business strategy, how can we have an IT strategy!"
  • 3. Have one, don't follow it: "Our IT strategy feels like a yearly documentation exercise. We forget about it the rest of the time."
  • 4. Have one, uses it: "Our strategy is part of our day-to-day working activities."

I would bet only a small percentage falls in the category 4. So if only a handful of organizations does it, then it begs the question: Are IT Strategies useful?

Posted on April 18, 2014 and filed under blog.