When back-office becomes center stage

Sometimes, what we think as a cost-center is actually an important piece of the business. 

I was meeting with my banker to review my financial situation. She wanted to show me my investments on the screen, but she started by apologizing. They were still using an old terminal-based software and it looked pretty bad. And on top of that, her computer was slow and would freeze. I was not impressed.

Now, I am not using this bank for the quality of their PCs, but it still left me a little bit concerned. If the tools they used to interact with their clients were that old, what about the ones that are hidden? Are they really capable to manage my money adequately? Are they investing for the future? 

Back-office services are increasingly becoming part of the front-office. Will future employees balk at the sight of the old computers, preferring to work somewhere else? Will future clients be concerned about the state of the software? 

As a business, do you want your employees to constantly apologize to your clients? 

Posted on February 5, 2014 and filed under blog.