What IT Needs To Do To Be Seen To Add Value To Business

Description: Integrating social media into business is one of the ways that IT can add direct value to business, but it is not the only way.

In a business, the sales, marketing and customer representative teams are seen to add more value to business because they contribute directly to the increase of the ROI. IT is seen mostly as a necessary cost. But that is not the way it should be. On the contrary, IT as a driver of processes should be seen as a very valuable addition to the business.

But then, perhaps IT departments themselves do not do much to create and maintain a good image. Or are there ways in which IT can really contribute to the direct value of the business? Maybe if IT could come out of behind the curtains where they enable other business processes to run smoothly, they could be seen to add more value to business. We will see.

Here are a few things that IT should use to open up more revenue streams for business

The search has been on for a long time, to find a few ways in which IT can create revenue streams. Is it that hard then? Of course not, although it takes some ingenuity and thinking outside the box.

Here are a few things that we need to know about how IT can create revenue for business:

   1.    Social media in business

The integration of social media into business is changing the way that a business relates with its customers as well as with the community. By using the social-driven IT in business, the traditional way of interacting with customers through the call center is no more the only way to get views about your products and services.

Social media is thriving and with good integration into business, your business website can get many visitors from social media and hopefully, a good percentage of them will convert into buying customers.

Did you know that just asking a question about a product or service on Twitter gets a faster response than when a customer calls the call center? This shows how powerful social media is if it is leveraged for more profit.

Industrializing data

Businesses can also industrialize data and get more value from it. Now, we know very well that data is a domain of IT, without a doubt. Thus, one of the ways that an IT department can help a business get more ROI is by helping to derive the utmost value out of data.

The process of data mining has been made much simpler by the advent of data analytic technologies. Many businesses that have made data the main focus for their business have successfully monetized data to make more money.

Analytical security

It is one thing to have a good network and it is another thing entirely to ensure the security of the network, what with so many new threats coming up every day and with the old ones evolving?

While IT may not seem to bring any direct value by ensuring security, well, businesses realize only too well that data and network security is now a big deal, and it is definitely much more than just installing an antivirus program. Today, the approach is orchestrated-analytical – identify the threat, diagnose to find the root cause of the threat and then find the remedy for it, from then going forward.

Converged data architectures

Back to the issue of data, and we are well justified too since big data is driving businesses, well… we can say that IT should have the infrastructure in place that will help harness big data and get the most benefit out of it. According to some reports, some businesses, for example, retailers, can increase their profit margins by up to 60 percent just by leveraging big data.

The main thing about big data is that you can extract the information you need to make your business processes run more effectively. IT can help with that.

Posted on November 24, 2016 .