What interests my boss fascinates me

A Harvard Business Review article talks about what captures kids’ attention at Disneyworld. The interesting part is that it wasn’t the parades, costumes or characters. No, it was their parent cell phones that drew their attention.  Kids understood that if their parents spent so much time on their cell phone, then there must be something special about it.

I had a colleague that used to say ""What interests my boss fascinates me"". Employees take great care to understand where their boss's attention goes and it becomes their focus as well.

So the real question then: how often are bosses interested about user satisfaction? Typically, user satisfaction conversations are a once-a-year event, right after the survey. Other times, we focus on costs, issues, problems, technology.

How do we focus an entire organization on delivering great service? It seems the solution is as simple as being interested in it. It will create a real fascination for the rest of the organization.

   * Employees focus on what their boss talks about the most.
   * If user satisfaction is not a frequent discussion, then it will fade in importance.

Posted on May 2, 2014 and filed under blog.