Using Technology in Business Communication

Description: Business communication must flow up and down the chain of hierarchical command efficiently. Here is how IT ensures that.

One of the ways that IT is adding value to businesses nowadays is by enhancing communication not only internally among the management and the employees, but externally too. Today, a business can communicate with customers, suppliers and shareholders on the double. In business, when decisions are made at the senior management levels, they have to be passed down to the different departments where they can be actualized. This can be made much easier by information technology.

Very few people have witnessed the gradual advancement of technology in communication. To us, computers are just there, everyday, tools for us to use to make our work easy every day. We hardly give IT the credit they deserve, well, until the systems break down, and then we remember them.

Storage of information has been enhanced and simplified

Imagine… what used to take an entire floor with racks upon racks and hundreds of cabinets of files and folders, can now be stored in the hard drive of a computer, well, at least 99 percent of all that information can be stored in the form of soft data. This makes not only the storage of massive volumes of information much easier, but it also makes retrieval easy and faster. This is what technology in business can do. It can add immense value to business. In business, if you have the information, you have the leverage, but only if you know how to make use of that information.

Reach employees faster

Consider what used to happen many years ago, when you had to walk to find an employee when you needed them. Today, thanks to the cellphone, anyone that you need to speak to is always a touch of a finger away. Today, businesses issue cell phones to their employees so that they can reach them at all times, even when they are out in the field.

Because of the effectiveness of the cellphone, employees can get their orders for duties faster, and more clearly too. Then there will be no contradiction of orders. Furthermore, by issuing them with a company cellphone, you can reach workers even during the non-working hours or days. Things do arise in business to warrant for such.

Customers’ complaints are addressed faster

Thanks to technologies like social networking, today, businesses can enhance their relationships with customers easily by following what customers are saying about their products. Who doesn’t know that customers will take to the social media to vent if they do not get satisfactory services at your business? Thus, it is best to meet them on social media and address the complaints as soon as they come.

In addition, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other networks are great for launching new products, or just for providing information about your products and services. This is technology at work.

But it is not only on the social media networks that you will find customers. You can also interact with them on the business website and blogs. If they need something, they can fill the website submission form. Such needs to be replied to immediately.

Email communication is one of the most important ways in which technology has changed communication in business for the better. Today, emails can be sent out en-masse to all customers informing them of new products and services, discounts, special offers and more information that will appeal to their desires. If used well, this tool can bring the business a lot of benefit, in that it can be used to pass general information about the business, yet at the same time, it will also be used as a marketing tool.

Flyers, banners, links, anchor texts and more can be embedded into the html emails, directing the recipient to the business websites and blogs.

To use email effectively, the business has to build an email list. It is easy to collect emails from all people who visit your business website. You can reach these people later as you promote your brand.

Many communication tools can be integrated

If you only know about email and the cellphone, you clearly have no idea what technology can do to business communication. You can integrate internet protocol, voice calls, data, voice over internet protocol, social media and more on one plan so that you have a simple means of communication that incorporates everything.

Technology has also come in to help businesses save money. Multinational companies can attest to this one. For example, instead of the company executives hopping on the plane anytime there is a board meeting in Taiwan, they can attend the meeting virtually, or via video conferencing. This saves time and money and decisions can be reached faster in real time, instead of waiting for the CEO to travel all the way to Africa to make a decision.

We could go on about how technology has enhanced business communication, but the above pointers show that technology is the life and blood of any business.

Posted on September 29, 2016 .