Using IT To Automate The New Employee Onboarding Process

If you are still stuck in the era when people thought IT was more of a business cost than a valuable asset, well, you should just stay in that era. Today, IT adds value to business in a big way, by enhancing the productivity of all departments and in the process, making sure that the business gets the full value for its money.

Here you are, the manager of a thriving business. You have some new employees, whom you hired because of their awesome resumes on LinkedIn. But wait …. Is that all? No. You will need to help these new employees in a process called onboarding, so that you can make them feel part of the business and thus motivate them to reach their peak productivity faster.

Onboarding is the process of bringing new employees on board the business. Now, many people think of onboarding as the process of orientation, but that is not true because orientation is bigger than that, much bigger.

You see, orientation is a small process within the bigger onboarding process. During the onboarding process, a new hire is taken through the learning curve faster so that he gets an inkling of everything that is expected of him and then the rest he/she can learn on the job.

Should you automate the onboarding process?

And now to the elephant in the room, where does IT come in? Can you automate the onboarding process?

The answer is yes. You can automate almost every process today. IT is a godsend for the HR team because with the right onboarding software, the IT team makes things pretty easy for the HR team, leaving them with a lot of time to do other things, while the software does the work of taking the new hires through the learning curve.

Really? Is it sensible to take the very human-interactive personnel onboarding process and automate it entirely? Apparently, yes. Remember, onboarding is a process that familiarizes the new employees with their new business environment and supports them as they embark on the new job projects. This comes with the major objective of assimilating the new hires with the business routines and providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they can contribute to the organization effectively.

Why automate the onboarding process?

Automating the onboarding process makes recruitment more cost-effective and at the same time, it improves the productivity of the recruits. It also promotes the timely flow of information to the new recruit other than flooding the recruit with too much information that can overwhelm him/her.

Onboarding software alone is not enough, as it still requires human input to get the new recruit an employee badge, company key, Active directory user account and security groups and an Email mailbox. All these are automated processes that will have to be entered into the database by the IT team.

An automated onboarding process has several features:
   •Will provide the employee manual guide in a presentable way, such as using a podcast
   •The employees get a nice welcoming message from the senior management
   •The training and induction timetable
   •The personas of the other workers
   •Vacation timetables and others
   •The values, mission and the vision of the business

There are many benefits of automating the onboarding process. For example, the process can be used for a long time as the business keeps on hiring new employees due to expansion. Of course, there will be minor changes, but once the automation program has been completed by IT, it will stay intact for a long time.

Posted on September 8, 2016 .