Using Information Technology in Marketing

There are many departments in a business but the department of marketing is one of the most important. No business can run without revenue and the marketing department is the one that is mandated with generating revenue for the company. The customer service, sales and marketing must work together so that they can turn every customer interaction into a revenue generating opportunity. The best way to turn every customer interaction with the company into money is to use technology. And this is what this article is about, using information technology in marketing.

Data mining to get gainful marketing insights

Data mining has become a very important aspect of marketing and technology today. This big process involves the processing of big data to turn it into actionable information that the marketing department can act on. Only the IT department can be able to turn raw data into information. Thus, for people who ask how IT adds value to business, there now, you know it.

Marketing through the website

This is the first area where IT can make a visible impact on the marketing department. Today, the website has become a fully-fledged online shop where customers can order staff, pay through the website and most importantly, subscribe to the website so that they can be notified about any new products.

The website is not just a site that is hosted with a few static pages offering product and service information. Rather, it should be a customer-centric interaction point where customers can interact with people from the marketing department, ask questions about products and services and most importantly, lodge their complaints.

Of course, for a website to be interactive and to be responsive enough such that it can be accessed via mobile even when the customer is on the move, the IT team has to offer the much-needed tech support. Remember, it is their work to ensure that the customers enjoy a glitch-free operation on the company website all the time.

Creating a website for the business is just the beginning of the process that is involved in making that website successful in marketing the business. While marketing will do the search engine optimization, well, the IT team is still involved in making sure that the website is always available online.

Marketing on mobile

Did you know that an average Joe, in this case meaning a not-so-busy mobile phone user will glance at their mobile phone at least 150 times a day? You can then guess how many times a person who likes to access websites via mobile must glance at their mobile phone. Many times. Thankfully, the IT team can make mobile applications that can be accessed through various mobile technologies like android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows and others.

There are many ways to market products through mobile. For example, the marketing team could send coupons to mobile users through text or email. It could also pass information about nee products and services through texts. In addition, the IT team could develop branded mobile apps that can be downloaded free of charge so that customers can get a closer interaction with the business. You could also advertise the business through other popular mobile applications.


This is unarguably the best technology for marketing since it brings all the marketing channels together for easier operation, monitoring and execution of orders. These channels of marketing include blogs, social media, email marketing, websites and many others. Since marketing is a big faculty, you agree that there is need for a streamlined platform where the sales people can be alerted of leads to follow up, lead scoring and so on. There is much more to look forward to from the automation of marketing like:
   •    Finding out what visitors do on the company website
   •    Manage your email campaigns
   •    Customization of website content
   •    Providing online forms for visitors
   •    Perform analytics and many more

Where else does IT fit in?

After the implementation of the CRM- customer relationship management software, a lot of data will be generated. Now, this data in raw form is no good for the business because it is just, well… data, that is, it is in the form of event logs mostly.

It has to be processed into understandable information that can be passed on to the marketing department for further action. Now who can understand event logs? Only the computer science people can do that. Today, big data has attained so much information, but even if you have the best data gathering network without a means to analyze the data, it will not do the business much good.

Posted on July 21, 2016 .