The Nanny

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The Nannies know what’s good for you. They will make sure that the users are productive and that they do not break their environment. They will find and deploy innovative solutions that the business doesn’t even knew it needed.

Apple is a great example of Nanny. It develops innovative products that users don't even know they need yet. They strive to make strive to make everything simple so we can focus on the experience and not on the technology. Yet, Apple doesn't provide a roadmap, every new products being a surprise. 





Decisive: Has the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively. Doesn’t second guess and would rather make the wrong choice than do nothing. 

Determined: Once a decision is made, resolved not to change it. Will not let doubt or uncertainty change the course of action. 

 Forceful: Strong and assertive. Imposes views and actions on others. 

 Independent: Doesn’t depend on others. 

 Self-disciplined: Control their own conduct. Maintain rigorous work standards and practices. 


Detached: Not closely associated with the company. Don’t really see themselves as part of the team. 

Ruthless: Doesn’t have compassion for others. Will drive initiatives forward regardless of the consequences for others. 




Focus on a narrow set of solutions that will drive the business objectives. Avoids duplication at all costs. 


Strive to keep its users productive. Will simplify / strip-down services and equipment to reduce failure opportunities. 


Very intelligent, driven team. Tend to behave as mercenaries with little attachment to the organization. 



Tight management of operational budget to leave funds for projects / initiatives. Very focused set of well-funded initiatives.


Makes all the decisions with little involvement from the business. Decisions are often based on a long-term plan. 

Performance measures

Focus on project / initiative performance. Heavy emphasis on meeting deadlines. 



1. Involve users

The Nanny often neglect to involve users in projects to prevent initiatives from slowing own. But involving users will not only help ensuring that the project will meet the needs o the organization, it will also improve the buy-in and the usage once the initiative is completed.  

2. Follow your own rules 

The Nanny is really good at putting rules in place but less so at following them. Rules are for other people. By following its own rules the Nanny will increase the sense of fairness and the credibility of its team. 

3. Communicate more

The Nanny has a crystal clear vision of the future and how to get there. The problem is that vision isn't necessarily understood by everyone, even its own team. By communicating the vision and making sure people understand the impact of it it will achieve greater buy-in. 


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