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The agents focuses on allowing the users to do their craft. They strive to give excellent service but also takes care of a lot of the peripheral tasks or activities that would get in the user’s way. The agents also are proactive in defining solutions and ways to improve the productivity and effectiveness of its users.

Weight Watchers represent the perfect Agent. It made something difficult (count calories) easy through a point system. And its community, products and service helps people lose weight and keep it off. 





Ambitious: Has a strong desire and ambition to succeed. See themselves as the next CEO. 

Communicative: Inclined to share information readily. Always keeps people in the loop on what’s happening. 

Creative: Produces original, thought provoking ideas. Finds simple, elegant solutions to almost any problems. 

Diplomatic: Tact and sensitivity in dealing with others. Can rally people around them by addressing their needs / concerns. 

Proactive: Anticipates and controls outcomes. Prevents issues from happening in the first place. 


Inconsistent: Frequently changes its behaviour, approaches and priorities based on the situation. 

Machiavellian: Unscrupulous in advancing their own career. Won’t hesitate to use the political landscape for their own good. 





Combine short-term needs with long-term vision to develop solutions that will satisfy its users yet enable them in the future. 


Manages service like a business, putting in place service standards and frequently using tools and processes that can be found in large commercial service organizations. 



Deeply involved in the business, often indistinguishable from the other business units employees. Excellent combination of customer service skills and strategic planning. 




Often seem to have unlimited budget for initiatives and projects. Yet manages its operations tightly. 



Formal governance processes and committees that involve both ISP and the business units. Still find ways to get its project done if needed though.  

Performance measures

Measures the compliance of its services against the agreed upon service levels . Measure the impact of its projects on the business. Heavy focus on user satisfaction. 



1. Build trust

The Nanny's knowledge and ambition can be intimidating for other business unit leaders. The Nanny show itself as a real partner by being transparent in its goals and plans, involving its partners and openly communicating its intentions.

2. Manage performance

The Nanny can often be found venturing outside of its own department to lead cross-departmental initiatives. This can lead the Nanny to neglect its operational responsibilities. The Nanny can make sure it doesn't lose its credibility by constantly managing its service performance.  

3. Educate others

The Nanny's extreme flexibility can make her appear as if she doesn't really ave a plan. By educating others on its thought process and how the objectives are  not changing, only the method, the Nanny can reassure the rest of the organization that she is still focused on the same original goals.  


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