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The accountants believe ISPs are necessary evil, something that is essential but that need to be managed tightly. He also worries that users might abuse or steal It resources if left on their own. They believe that tight control of what the users do is essential to control costs. 

The perfect example of the Accountant is Walmart. Walmart strive to keep prices low, it's even in their slogan: Save Money, Live Better. Everything they do is about reducing costs, from the store layout, the lack of fluff, to the way they treat employees. 

Accountants are often found in industries with tight margins, such as manufacturing for example.  

Service orientation: Low

Business orientation: Low





Careful:  Cautious in actions and decisions. Will not take any unnecessary risks and will prefer proven solutions. 

 Conscientious: Driven to do what is right for the company. Decisions are guided by what's best at the moment.  

 Hard-working: Works with energy and commitment. Doesn't count hours and is fully engaged at all times. 

 Practical: Concerned with the actual use of something rather than with theory and ideas. Less concerned with grand ideas and more with day-to-day execution. 

 Rational: Acts with reason and logic. Doesn't fall prey to trends, sales pitches or what others are doing. 



Conservative: Holds on to attitude and beliefs. Doesn't adapt well to new methods, ways of thinking or orientations. 

 Inflexible: Unwilling to change or compromise. Doesn't react well to change, preferring the status-quo. 



Prefers to use proven, reliable solutions. Late adopters of new technologies and trends. 


Service is designed to meet the needs of the users while optimizing its costs.  


Strong leader with highly dedicated staff.  Very low turnover. Leader makes all of the decisions. 



Very tight budget, constantly scrutinized. Funds available for emergencies. 


Little need for governance as there are few new initiatives. Most projects are based on necessity or out of a strong return on investment. 

Performance measures

Budget is the main performance measure. 


1. Become predictable

Set user expectations by establishing service standards and follow them, regardless of the circumstances. This will help the users get proper expectations  instead of seeing varying level of services. 

2. Measure service performance

Demonstrate your reliability by measuring your services as perceived by the users, including even the steps that are out of your control (outside of the hours of service for example). This will help understand the real experience of the users and correct their perception.  

3. Experiment with new initiatives

Stay up to date and demonstrate your capacity to adapt by experimenting with new services, é technologies and testing trends within your own organization. 


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