Should Your Business Outsource IT?

Meta Description: Some tasks of IT can be outsourced to save money and time. Here is what you can do about that.

The advent of the internet has brought about many benefits to small businesses and one of them is that you can outsource IT and other tasks, cheaply. Outsourcing IT has many benefits. However, many small businesses are not sure yet that they want to outsource.

There is no getting ready about it, just go ahead and outsource some of those tech tasks so that you can be left with time on your hands to take care of the business side of things. It works.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing IT

   1.    You can get more done faster and for much less than you would pay if you hired a fulltime employee to work on-premise. Look at it this way, when you hire a worker to work remotely on tasks like website content creation, app development, virtual software support and ecommerce site maintenance from another country, it means you do not have to provide space, desk, computer and other resources. No insurance cover or other benefits will be needed. Just hire and let them work. In addition, you will pay much less per hour than you would pay to a local employee. Most people who provide outsourced labor are from countries where standards of living are low. They can work at lower rates.

   2.    You also have the advantage of just using and letting someone else worry about the upgrade and maintenance of a particular technology. Why should you develop your own software when you can pay to use another one that is ready, bug-free, well maintained, a system that will have an uptime of more than 99%? Just outsource the labor-intensive technologies and worry about the business.

   3.    And then there is the big issue of the growth of the business. Just what will you do when your business grows faster than your technology is growing? If your systems are not scalable, fast growth would lead to their collapse and that would give you a bad reputation among your customers. Thus, you want a vendor-supplied technology that is cloud-based for full scalability.

   4.    Let someone worry about the safety and security of data while you concentrate on the business. Today, the biggest threat to technology is insecurity. When you outsource technology, someone else worries about the data that is stored on their system, on cloud. In fact, even if the IT team promises that company data is safe, it is best to go ahead and outsource cyber security services. Your vendor will also give you all sorts of guarantees, but you should know better. Guarantees sometimes do not hold water and once data is lost, well, the damage will have been done. Something that you should always remember is that IT is different from cyber security and software vendors are experts in IT, not cyber security. You need to get someone whose expertise is in security.

   5.    Others are doing it, yes; even your business competitors are outsourcing technology. Thus, they are having more time on their hands for business and you should too. What outsourcing IT does for a small, or even a large business is that it leaves the managers with time to mind the business side of things, while someone else takes care of the tech side. In a survey that was carried out in 2014 by Deloitte, they established that more than 50 percent of businesses outsource one or more parts of their IT. This means that outsourced IT is the future and the future is here.


To the question of whether businesses should outsource IT, well, the answer is a resounding yes. You will be surprised that outsourcing IT will save you much more money than when you run everything on-premise and by outsourcing, IT adds more value to business.

Posted on October 20, 2016 .