Sex and Internal Service Providers

Sex is everywhere, in ads, television, movies, songs, etc. But one type of sex isn’t glorified at all: married sex. No one advertise the thrill of having sex with your long-time partner, quite the opposite.

Most movies depict married couple as dissatisfied, sexless and dreaming about the good old days when they were single and adventurous.

But statistics actually shows that married people have more sex and are actually more satisfied than single people. What gives?

The reason is simple, married sex and internal service providers have a lot in common: users don’t have a choice. When married, it’s pretty hard to choose a different service provider (and the penalties are pretty severe if you get caught). Same goes for users, they can’t select a different provider if they want to.

Monopolies always suffer from being the only game in town. The fact that users are captive make them assume the worst.

How to turn this around? The same way as in a couple: don’t take the users for granted.


Posted on November 13, 2013 and filed under blog.