Setting IT Objectives With The Help Of IT Consultants

Here is the relationship between IT and the business – the business sets its own objectives, and then IT sets its objectives and moves to find out whether its objectives are aligned with those of business.

You see, IT is special, since most times it may not be seen to add directly to the ROI of the business. It enhances the operations of the other business units. That is why IT sets its own objectives, which are separate from those of the business.

Most business units express surprise when they hear that IT is going to set its own objectives and they wonder why the objectives of IT are not the same as those of their business units.

Every business unit will have its own objectives and since IT is used to make possible the operations of the business units, the question is; since the business unit is already benefiting from IT, how will IT benefit from the business? This is what IT seeks to find out.

The services of an IT consultant will be required

When developing the objectives of IT, the services of an IT consultant will be needed. This is because there are different parts in an IT department and thus, it is prudent to bring all of these parts together to develop an overall objective of IT, as a whole.

It would make no sense at all to develop objectives for every part of IT. Thus, all the IT units must be brought together to the table and they must be fully involved in the development of the overall goals of IT.

What will the IT consultant do?

The consultant will meet with the leaders of every IT unit, sit down with them and update the plans that were developed in the previous meeting that involved all the parts of IT. Among some of the things that will be reviewed in the plans include the priorities.

If there has been a change of priorities that may have arisen since the plan was launched, well that will have to be readjusted.

The IT consultant will also help the key IT leaders in the business to determine whether they have met any of the objectives set out in the plan appropriately. If they have met any, have the objectives added the intended value to the business? Remember, it all comes down to the value that IT will add to the business. Every department in a business must add value, and IT is no exception.

Helps IT personnel get to their peak productivity

The consultancy team will help IT personnel reach their peak productivity every day, to such an extent that the number of calls to the tech support center can reduce significantly. Fewer calls or tickets to the technical support team means that many end users of the running IT systems are satisfied. However, on the same note, if not careful, too few calls or tickets could mean that many people are having a problem getting through. The consultant will help the IT team figure this out.

The IT consultant helps you become regulatory compliant

The IT consultant will also help the IT team meet the regulatory requirements as set out by the relevant authorities. Usually, regulatory compliance is a big headache for any CIO. But it is a headache that has to be dealt with all the same. You see, there are federal requirements to be met regarding the safety of customers’ data. Considering that this is the age of big data, there is no doubt that compliance is of paramount importance. PCI, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley are some of the most important compliance certifications that the IT department must have.

The IT consultant will help IT reduce the cost of their resources

Which business does not look for cost reduction means? IT is no different and in fact, it needs cost reduction much more than the other departments because it is already viewed as a cost. A few of the ways for reducing the cost of IT include reducing printing as well as the number of user licenses for the ERP.

The IT consultant will help IT enhance relationship with all stakeholders

From the end users of the IT systems, to shareholders, clients and everyone else, IT can have a great relationship with the rest of the business. The IT consultant will thus help them establish ways in which they (IT) can be involved fully in the monthly or weekly meetings with the other business units.


From this post, it is clear that IT consultancy is very important. Some matters like regulatory compliance can be very complicated. Cost reduction, relationship improvement and increased productivity are some of the areas that IT consultants will help your IT team with.

Posted on December 22, 2016 .