Personality Profiles Of IT Departments – A Fun Way To Look At IT

Meta description: IT departments can be classified into four personality types depending on their level of growth and service. Here is more

You can give the IT departments personality profiles to understand where your IT department is. Same as people have different personalities, so do the IT departments, but mostly, this will depend on their level of growth. Most people working in an organization understand neither the IT departments nor the people who work there. Mostly, what they are used to are people running around in dustcoats, fixing network cables and computers.

Hardly do they know that it is the same people who keep the CRM running every day, ensure there is internet connection, ensure other departments can access data from the database and much more. Why don’t they understand the IT department? Here, we will give personality profiles to IT departments so that you can understand better what they do in a business.

In a research carried out by the Green Elephant Team a few years ago, the IT departments were assigned personalities as follows:
   •    Accountant
   •    Nanny
   •    Agent
   •    Butler

The Accountant

Just in the true way that a financial accountant wants to keep track of every dime in the business, the IT departments that have been classified as accountants have the same conduct. Firstly, they do not trust users of their systems. They want to keep a close eye on them. They believe that users can steal equipment and resources and therefore they must have an eye on them. Secondly, these kinds of IT departments believe that IT is a necessary evil for the business – its only that the business cannot survive without IT. Otherwise, they would scrap it. They want to be in control of the cost of IT and want to keep it as low as possible. As long as the available systems are meeting the needs, there is no need of revamping them or getting better systems.

In summary, this kind of IT department is:
   •    Controlling
   •    Wants to be involved in decision making thus may be good at helping the business achieve its objectives
   •    Mostly used in centralized departments like manufacturing where the users do not know much about IT
   •    They want to control users as they believe that lets them control the cost too

The Nanny IT department

This one is a nurturer. The IT team in this case will guide the users patiently until they have grasped the techniques that will help the business get the most out of the IT systems. Really, business organizations that have IT teams who are nannies do well and are able to get the most out of their IT systems. And they are a true nanny in that they will not rest until they have been able to find the best ways to utilize the business processes.

One thing that the nanny is good at is coming up with new strategies and IT products for the good of the business. In fact, the nanny IT department believes that consumers, in this case the end users, always want better and is therefore always looking for better ways to improve the end-user experience.

In summary, this kind of IT department:
   •    Guide users to exploit the IT systems fully
   •    Will focus mainly on how to make better the IT processes thus may cost the business more
   •    Will mostly do much better in areas like retail where users do not have much knowledge about technology

The Agent

These are different from the Nannies because their main work is to help the client, in this case the business, to get the best out of the IT systems. The focus of such departments is on the results mostly, rather than on the means that the business uses to achieve those results. They do not care much about the means and will use any to get to the end. The end justifies the means. All that the agent department wants is to drive more business value and thus they must be involved in business decisions. Mostly, such IT departments are likely to be found in insurance companies and financial services providers. This kind of IT department is the favorite for many CEOs as they are mostly result-driven.

This kind of IT department will:
   •    Want to use IT to increase the competitiveness of the business
   •    Provides excellent tech support to the end users
   •    Will use any means necessary to help the business get to peak productivity

The Butler

The butler IT department takes care of the needs of the users and such a department is best suited to working with IT users who know what they need from IT, or users who understand the system. When they are giving a service to the end users, they will handle every user as if he/she is a paying customer.  However, if you think that a Butler IT department is everything, you ought to know that this kind of IT is only good at serving the users ensuring that their IT needs are met fully. Apart from that, this kind of IT cannot help the business achieve most of its objectives.

In summary, this kind of IT department will:
   •    Serve the end users to their utmost satisfaction
   •    Be great in departments where high knowledge of IT is needed like design, engineering and others
   •    Respond very well to requests
   •    Always seek to enhance the user experience which may cost the business more money

Posted on October 6, 2016 .