Major Roles of IT in Management

IT is one of the most important faculties in business. Today, IT is designed to be embedded in all veins of the business. Starting from the customer care desk to the senior management, there is need for involvement of IT.

Information Technology has many roles in business management regardless of the type of business that you are running. It does not matter whether yours is a recent start-up or a well-established business, but the truth is that you need IT. As you will see here, IT may not add business value directly, but it plays a big role indirectly. When a TV broadcast is taking place, the most popular people are the ones on the screen reading news. However, a bigger team behind them makes news anchoring such a glitzy success, but the team is hardly seen or known. That is exactly the position of IT in any business. They are not seen, but the work they do is so important.

Here are a few ways in which IT can help the management drive the business positively:

Internal and external communication

It could be internal or external communication but good IT departments excel in both. Today, IT has enabled business owners to manage and monitor their businesses throughout the world by making it possible for the individuals to communicate with one another. IT can enable a business owner to communicate with various customers, suppliers and even shareholders of the business.

Faster decision-making

To any business, the speed of decision-making could either break or make the business. IT enables faster decision-making. With the speed and accuracy of IT, the business management is able to make right decision by going through a comprehensive market research, which can be done through blogs, online surveys and forums.

Marketing and business growth

IT enables the management to identify potential customers and target their needs and demands. This mostly happens after embarking on data-driven marketing, also known as marketing automation. By use of digital marketing, a business can advertise its goods or services to customers worldwide at a low cost. Of course, IT makes this possible as it is the main admin to the digitalized marketing platform.

Customer support and satisfaction

With the advent of the CRM, you can clearly see where IT is playing the biggest role in businesses today. That the business may invest in a cloud CRM rather than an on-premise one does not mean that there is no longer any need for an IT team, because there is. You still need the IT team to administer, train users who will in turn ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, when using the CRM software, many customers will log on to the business network using different devices. Should they encounter any glitches, they will require tech assistance. Only the IT team can give the best technical assistance.


There is no use in gathering all that data and then lacking the means to store it safely. Thus, the IT team ensures that the databases are up and running all the time and that data is available if and when needed, and not as raw data, but as processed and actionable information. Of course, the IT team will analyze and process this data, thus ensuring that the business derives a lot of value from the data.

Business data and information like the employees’ names and salaries, is readily accessible and securely stored all the time. So is information regarding suppliers, creditors, shareholders and so on.


Each business requires a research team that researches on how to improve the goods produce or services offered, of course, going by the wishes and desires of the customers. Information Technology can design digital forms and queries that the management can use for adequate research, which will be used in not only modernizing the product, but also improving its quality and coming up with a wider variety of the same.


Information Technology provides the management with a wide scope of the employees’ activities, consumers’ complaints and the suppliers’ deliveries making it easy to manage the business effectively.

Posted on August 11, 2016 .