IT Tech Support – How Does It Add Business Value?

One way that the IT team can add value to a business is by offering wholehearted tech support to the customers or the system users. However, this is easier said than done because, due to either tradition or budget constraints, many IT teams only hire the poorest technicians with barely enough IT knowledge to offer sufficient customer support. This is wrong, this should not happen if the IT team wishes to purge its image in the eyes of the customers.

Technical support is very important as it is meant to help the customer make use of the product or service that they bought from your business. Thus, in the case of IT products and services, a regular customer service team will not do. There is a need for a well-versed IT expert to follow up, answer questions from customers and basically reassure them that they made the right decision choosing the product or service that they bought.

 What does IT technical support involve? Quite a lot, as you will see here:
•    Monitoring the performance of and maintaining the IT system of a business
•    Providing support when launching new applications
•    Establishing a working relationship between the customers and the organizations
•    Guiding the customers in a step-by-step implementation of software
•    Troubleshooting software and hardware problems
•    Test new technology products and services
•    Set up new user accounts for customers
•    Replacing parts as may be needed
•    Installation and configuration of software
•    Engaging company staff and end users on the use of software
What can the IT team do to ensure they give excellent customer support?

1.    Increase the hours of support

One thing that baffles customers is why an IT team only offers support for a select number of hours, say, from 8.00am to 5.00pm while the government continually calls for a 24 hour economy. Assume you have a customer who is working the nightshift in a certain factory and then their computer acts up in the middle of the night. What is this person supposed to do if they have a deadline facing them? Wait until the IT team has had their beauty sleep until morning? As a general rule of thumb, the IT desk should be manned at all times.

 2.    Follow up even after the problem has been solved

A good IT tech support provider knows one thing; that the occurrence of one problem could be the cover for many more. Thus, even after the reported problem has been solved to the satisfaction of the customer, the support desk should call back, just to find out how things are going. This makes the customer feel valued. In any case, many customers feel that calling with another problem so soon after getting assisted with previous one is just too much, and therefore they just suffer in silence. This can be solved by the IT tech support following up to know how they are doing.

 3.    Keep the ticket open

Every IT team uses the ticketing system, which is good, though a bit irking to the customer. However, there is a way or two to keep your customers happy. How? Open the ticket for the customer, and then keep the ticket open until the customer reports satisfaction. This way, the customer does not need to open another ticket should a problem occur a couple of days after the previous one.

4.    Competency is paramount

To be a good IT technical support officer, you do not only need the technical knowledge. You need people skills. Already, the customer is stressed because they have a problem, which, in their minds, they think they should not have. Thus, they may be a little tense with you. You should placate them, and assure them that you are going to solve their problem. While you may not be able to go an extra mile for them, politeness never killed anyone.

Never treat a customer as if he/she is bothering you by calling for help. This is your opportunity to make the IT team stand out. Respect the caller, listen as they describe the problem, help them file a ticket and ask questions.