How IT Makes Project Management Possible

Meta description: IT can personalize project management software and train the users on how to gain immense value from the tool, thus adding value to the project.

By and by, the management of a business comes to find out that they cannot hold board meetings without the presence of the IT director. This is because virtually every business process is run on information technology. One of the areas where IT adds value to business is in the field of project management.

Every business must at one time or another have a running project. For projects to be completed successfully, the details must be followed intricately.

What is the role of IT in project management?

Project management involves teams of people working together to accomplish a given goal. IT has made the whole process of teamwork easier in the following ways:

   1.    Managing the human resources involved in a project

IT helps a lot in handling a team. Today, you do not have to do interviews face-to-face. IT makes it possible to recruit the right people for a project online using the right exam software, train them, avail information to them and monitor the progress of the project in real time.

2.    Improved communication

Through IT-enhanced and supported communication systems like chat rooms, video and web conferencing, people from different places in the world working on the same project can communicate more easily. Remember, IT led to globalization. With good project management software, queries, clarifications and discussions are attended to immediately so long as one is online.

Using email to reach people working on the same project faces many hurdles and one of them is that you will not know whether the intended recipient read the email, unless you get a reply. However, when you are using the communication features on project management software, you can see whether the person on the other end has read your message. Efficiency!

   3.    Handling information/paperless environment

IT reduces the bulk of paper. Project management software like Copper keeps all the information on a project is in soft copy. IT also stores information in one place for fast retrieval and use. Members of the involved teams can just login and access all the information that they need. The progress of the project is displayed in real time for all to see.

   4.    Better co-ordination

This is important, especially if you are a project leader. You need to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the progress of the project. There will be no contradiction of roles as everyone’s role will be displayed on the project software’s panel. IT will make sure that everything is working right, that the computers and other end-user equipments are working right so that access to the project software can be enhanced.

   5.    Saves time

Information technology ensures that people working on the same project save more time. In business, time is money. Thus, for people wondering how IT adds value to business, saving time is one of the ways. For example, mobile-enabled software can be used anywhere at any time when working on a project. This saves you a lot of time that could be used to tackle other activities.

Features that good project management software should have

   •    Real time in nature: ensures communication is instant thus no wastage of time. There are no delays in arriving at a conclusion as the decision makers can hold discussions online.

   •    Mobile access: the software is available in a mobile version. You can access any information about your project from wherever you are whenever you want. No restrictions.

   •    Accessibility to all: project management software accounts are accessed by every team member. This eradicates the distortion of information – no confusion. Consequently decisions are made faster than before.

   •    Fast connection: project management software is all about logging into your team’s account and working on your tasks. Your queries will be attended to instantly. At the end of it all, you will save time and reach conclusions faster.

Now, not all project management software is going to meet the needs of your project. Therefore, the IT team needs to customize the software, train the users and be there to attend to any technical queries that the software users may raise. You see, IT adds value to a business by enabling other business functions run efficiently.

Posted on November 17, 2016 .