How Businesses Use IT In Customer Management

There are many ways in which IT relates to the customer care department in any business. In fact, many companies today seek for ways in which to use IT to enhance their customer service. Thankfully, IT fits in perfectly, by providing the much-needed support to systems that involve customer interactions with the business. Simply put, every interaction that a customer or would-be customer has with the IT team must be logged for analysis in future, just in case it is a lead worth pursuing.

For any business, whether it is mid-sized, small-sized or big, the kid of customer service that you give your customers will determine whether they stand by your brand or not. Thus, you must do everything possible to ensure that they only get the top-notch service. The one way to ensure the greatest service is to involve the IT team in devising the best customer care strategies.

And rightly so! There are many new technologies that a business can use to enhance their interaction with customers and to capture more customer-related data. These new technologies can best be implemented by the IT team.

With the use of the best customer service related technologies, you will not only be able to address customers’ complaints in a much better way, but you will also be able to predict what customers want and provide it in advance. In addition, you can be able to foretell what the market will be like by using a process called predictive analytics and either increase or decrease the amount of business going by certain demographics.

In what ways does technology support customer service?

 1.    Software development

Every business needs to collect data to survive and one of the ways to do that is to use the best data collection software in the market. This data will then be analyzed to find patterns and trends and to forecast the future. One of the software in this arena is CRM.

 2.    Website development and maintenance

The development of a company website, the hosting and the maintenance of the same ultimately falls under the domain of the IT department. Today, every business whether small, mid-sized or big, needs a website. Today, what is needed is not just a website, but a responsive website that can be accessed through the internet-enabled mobile devices. Through the website, customers can find all the information they need about products and services and they can also leave queries and suggestions.

 3.    Email and email marketing

Email marketing is an idea whose time has come. Businesses use this important tool to send product and service information directly to their customers. Through email, businesses are also able to communicate promptly with customers about important matters like price cuts, system downtimes due to maintenance and so on. Today, the IT team uses tools to determine which recipients opened and/or read the email.

 4.    Customer communication follow up

In this case, the IT team can be able to determine which customer visited the website and later on contacted the customer support team via phone. When the sales team is presented with such information, they would know how to follow up with the customer and convert that into an actual buy. How does the IT team correlate such events? By event logging and data collection.

 5.    Helps in providing important insights to the              marketing team

From the data analysis, the IT team can be able to give the marketing department actionable information, from what they have seen of the customers online. This is very important as it helps in deploying more targeted marketing.

 6.    Automation of processes

Automation makes processes easier and it keeps the cost of doing business low. Automation is more accurate than humans are and therefore the customers get a much better service thus enhancing brand loyalty.


These are just a few of the ways in which IT can be directly involved in enhancing great customer service. There are many. The most important thing is that data is collected, analyzed and processed, and then passed down in actionable information to the sales, customer service and marketing teams. That friends, is how IT adds value to business.