Here Are 5 Ways in Which IT Helps Your Business

If you run a small business, chances are that you accountant has tried to keep a short lease on the IT department because, frankly speaking, to many people, the IT department is a cost, a kind of a necessary evil. But is it? Well, the truth is that the implementation of IT can cost a business a good deal of money, but then, the value that it will add into business, though not directly, is immeasurable.

     1.IT helps users of systems to get the full potential out of the systems

Most businesses have IT devices and equipment in impressive margins. But the sad fact is that most of these expensive equipments and systems are not usually utilized satisfactorily. Why does this happen? Remember, it is the lack of the proper utilization of IT systems that makes many people look at IT as a necessary evil, since they do not realize the full value that it can bring a business. Is it because IT does not train the users how to harvest the full potential from the available systems? That is what we will try to find out here.

Some of the gadgets generally used by organizations for IT include network switcher, personal computers, tablets, smart phones and laptops. They help in communication with partners and customers, transmit or prepare documents or files and also provide online solutions for browsing and banking services. Although these gadgets play a very vital role, more likely than not, they are never utilized to harness their full potential.

     2.Make your business customer-centric

The customers are perhaps the most important part of a business and therefore, the business must keep seeking ways in which to enhance service delivery to them. So how does IT become engaged in ensuring customer satisfaction? Firstly, it will streamline the platforms through which the customer service team meets the customers. That way, customers can find most of the information they are looking for online without needing customer care services. They can lodge complaints and they can as well leave reviews for the products and services that they buy. In addition, IT could also be tasked with developing mobile apps for the business that customers could download through various platforms like android, Blackberry, Windows and iPhone.

     3.Enables employees to work even when they are out of the office

Look at a company like Upwork, the online freelancing platform that connects millions of employers with millions of freelancers from all parts of the world. They have a very easy system that ensures the employer can monitor the employees as they work. Their team room application can log keyboard strokes, mouse movements as well as take screenshots randomly, which the employer will view later to determine whether the freelancers are doing what they say they are doing.

Such a simple application saves businesses a lot of money. Thus, IT can redesign processes and systems to accommodate people working from home. That means that mothers can work from home. In addition, employees can access some of the business systems even when they are on the go, and work continues.

     4.Your business can adapt to new developments fast

There is no doubt that IT drives the world today. It has turned the entire world into one global village! In the same way, it can connect your business to many customers from all around the world. However, one thing about technology is that it becomes obsolete so fast, rendering unfashionable today what was fashionable yesterday. Thus, a business needs an IT team to revamp its systems, upgrade them to make sure the software and hardware is up to date with what is trending.

From the data generated by the business, the processed information can be studied to determine the behavior of the customers when they visit the business website and from that, important decisions that determine the future and profitability of the business can be made.

     5.IT can help take the business to another level

That is right. IT can help build processes that can take the business to a much higher level. Once the managers have set the objectives that they wish their business to achieve in a given time span, well, the IT team will create the processes through which the objectives of the business can be achieved in a faster manner. 

Posted on August 4, 2016 .