Help! I Want My IT Team To Bring More Value To My Business

If this is you, well, you have come to the right place. This blog is going to show you just why you should stop considering IT as a cost and from today onwards, start considering it as a value. Whether it brings direct or indirect value, IT is the fuel on which many business processes run. Information Technology makes things easier, faster, more efficient and more effective.

Today, things are different from a few years ago when, if something didn’t work at the customer care desk, the customer service representative would call IT and tell them, my computer has failed. Then they would ask, “What application were you logged on?” And she would say something and they would go like … “Call their support team, we do not support that one”. The caller would go away, disgruntled but with nothing to do about it. Today, the IT team has evolved to be an all under one roof entity where all the systems that a business runs on are understood and supported by the team.

Here are a few ways in which the IT team adds value to a business

They listen to ideas and advice from end users of systems and incorporate them

The IT team listens to the people, the end users who are using the systems that they have implemented. They understand very well that the best ideas come from people who use the systems and thus, by listening to them, they are going to discern what is required most and then bring it. Operating a system alone is not enough. It is the work of the IT team to know how beneficial that system is to the end users. They can only learn this by listening to the compliments, complaints, suggestions and ideas.

They understand what their work is, perfectly

What is the work of the IT department in any organization? Well, if you work in IT, you will say that yours is the most thankless job, because it is a job to make other people’s jobs possible. And who makes yours possible? But listen, it is really not that bad. You will be the support team behind every process in the company. You make things happen, you make things run smoothly. You may not get the accolades, but you do play a very big role. Simply put, you do the technical work while other employees in other departments handle the business side of things. Once everyone understands the role of IT in the business, they will never again ask what value you add to the business.

IT goes the extra mile to find valuable business ideas

Having an IT team that thinks outside the box is an extra advantage. For example, if you can have a team that is going to help analyze the information gathered by the agents deployed across the company network, then you can gain valuable business information. This information can be simplified and passed on to the relevant departments for more analysis and for the generation of sales leads, which in turn increase the ROI of a business.

IT helps end users get a better understanding of technology

Now, one good thing about knowledge is that no matter how much of it you share out, you will never say that you have been left with too little. Knowledge cannot be depleted. One of the ways that the IT team can add value to a business is to train the end users on how a system works. They can also teach them simple troubleshooting ideas like rebooting a computer, plugging and unplugging a network cable and so forth. If the end users can do some of the simple tasks themselves, they will save the company time because they do not have to wait for IT to come and fix things.

Posted on May 26, 2016 .