Customized/Personalized Vs. Standardized IT Services

Some types of jobs require different types of computer specifications, some of them require high performance specs while others require not so high features. Such is the importance of personalizing or customizing IT services rather than offering a standard service all through.

When customers call the IT team for help, they want to feel that there is a person at the other end of the line, someone who is human and who knows what they need. Personalized IT services will endear the IT team to the customers and in return, the customers will love doing business with the company, thus driving more value.

It is the duty of the IT team to advise a company on the best IT products to invest in so that they can give their customers the best. For example, investing in the best technologies like cloud is important. On cloud, all customer details can be stored safely such that when a customer calls with a recurring problem, they do not have to describe it from the start again.

 Organize users into groups

Standard IT services are more affordable than the customized services, but then if it is too cheap, then most likely it is not worth having. There are a thousand and one reasons why you should only offer customized services, but that is costlier than offering standard services. The good thing is that when you are creating your customers’ profiles, you can organize them into different groups according to their needs and then roll out a product that will cover the entire group. No matter how much an IT team would love to go the extra mile and provide a service or product that meets every individual need, it would be impossible.

Group the customers or users according to their needs, age, departments and so on. For example, there could be customers who are looking for a product that they would use when they are on the go. This means that such people would be best suited to mobile applications, as opposed to people who stay chained to their desktop computers every day who would be best suited to the desktop applications.

Match users with hardware and software that meet their needs

Customization is not only important for software, but it is also very important for hardware. For example, in your company, it would be very unfortunate for you to chain a graphic designer who needs a powerful computer with high specifications to a low performance computer that would be good for typing work only. Such a person would not be very productive at the end of the day.

Therefore, a good IT team ensures that they define the needs of every department in the company and get just that.

Research before rolling out a service or product

Research is important to all departments in a company, but to the IT team, research is a matter of life and death. Well… almost. The most important thing that an IT team can do to increase the value to a business is to make IT embedded in every part of that business. In any case, every department needs IT. However, you need to find out what every department does so that when you are procuring computers for them, you can get them what befits their needs.

What IT service or product does the customer service desk need? Is that the same as what the accounts department would need? Definitely not, as their needs would be different and it is the work of the IT team to know what would suit them best. Most departments do not even know what they need, bearing in mind that these are just the end users only, not experts. Remember, if the IT services fail, the end users blame the IT team for the failure.

Posted on March 22, 2016 .