Are you aligned?

Internal service providers literature is flooded with articles on alignment. Yet, most of them focus on governance (making decisions). While governance is an important part of alignment, it is only a small one.

Alignment goes much further than governance, it includes that actual behaviours of the team. We’ve identified three different types of alignment:

Team alignment: Departments are made of individuals. Does the team members share the same vision of their role in the organisation? Turns out, it is often not the case.

Vision alignment: Does the team share the same vision than their leader? This is especially problematic when a new leader tries to put in place a new vision for the role of the department. Lack of alignment results in the leader saying one thing but the team doing another.

Business alignment: Does the role of the department matches the expectations of the business? If the business expect an ISp that will do what is told (what we call a Butler), they will be severely disappointed by an ISP that wants to take a leadership role in pushing forward new solutions (what we call a Nanny).

Alignment includes the daily behaviour of the team and their leader. Are you aligned?


Posted on November 16, 2013 and filed under blog.