5 ways to improve satisfaction quicly

When starting a business value program, it helps to be able to quickly improve satisfaction. here are five easy strategies that can give a quick boost. 

1. Fix the "broken windows". 
Chances are that there are several small irritants throughout the organization. Not important enough to report to the service desk but sufficiently annoying to bother people. Examples of these are in conference rooms (cables, projectors that are difficult to use, etc), reception area, printers, etc. Looking at these areas with a fresh pair of eyes can uncover several small issues. 

2. Clear the old tickets. 
It is common to see support tickets piling up, aging as people are waiting for a part, a response or for the user to call back. Putting a definite close to these tickets will catch those that fell through the cracks. I will also show the users that you are on top of things. 

3. Clean-up. 
IT Support areas are often crowded, littered with boxes and cables. Not to talk about the data center (if you still have one). Cleaning up these areas will project an image of professionalism.

4. Call your service desk. 
Help-desk agents often forget they are dealing with clients. Over time, their tone and attitude can become less and less professional. Calling regularly will highlight potential issues (attitude, tone). It will also show that you are monitoring their behaviour. 

5. Survey the users monthly.

Not only doe sit give a benchmark from where you start, it also allows you to get continual feedback on what works and what doesn't. The simple act  of measuring will improve satisfaction thanks to the mere measurement effect. 

These strategies are not enough in itself to change the tide, but they do provide a instant boost in satisfaction.  This will keep motivating the troops and show take satisfaction is serious business. 

Posted on June 27, 2014 and filed under blog.