10 Ways in Which IT Can Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Description: IT adds value to business by streamlining customer service and other processes. This makes many happy customers who bring return business.

Information technology can be used to enhance customer satisfaction. It is not too hard either; a matter of putting two and two together to get four … well, sort of. The most important thing is to have the technology that you use for enhancing customer satisfaction to be informed by the customers’ needs. How hard is that? Well, not very hard, but you will be surprised that many IT managers just add layers of technology, without caring whether the intended results are achieved.

  1. Efficiency in communication

Any time you step into business premises, you will notice the efficiency in communication, the use of telephones, emails, faxes and text messaging and the efficient flow of communication.

  2. Easy marketing through websites and social media

Getting agents to market a product is both cumbersome and costly, especially if it involves traveling long distances. Today, that has been solved by the creation of business websites and social media marketing.

  3. Integrating online payment gateways to website

People do not have to pay using hard cash. That is so 19th century. Today, customers can find what they need online, read reviews left by other users and then make their order, paying with their credit card or through online payment gateways like PayPal. Technology once again makes this easier by integrating shopping features like shopping carts. Customers love making easy payments.

  4. Inform customers about new products and services

Email marketing! This is the real deal nowadays. The IT team will deploy programs that will not only ensure that the customers are duly informed of any new products and services, but will also use metrics and analytics to find out what emails have been read, and who has responded to the emails prompting.

  5. Inform customers about discounts

Email marketing can be cut to size in such a way that it is used to appeal to the desires of many people. For example, whenever there is a discount, the marketing team can send emails to all contacts in their database and tell them about discounts, new products, clearance sales, or just give them information about your business. This is a perfect way of promoting the brand.

  6. Use technology to customize shopping deals for customers

When you know what your customers are looking for, you will be better able to offer them a good service. Today, by the use of cookies to track the activity of customers on a business website, you can be able to customize shopping deals for the same customers when they visit your website again. This makes the customers feel more cared for by the business. After all, everyone loves a little recognition.

  7. Provide customer service representatives on all marketing channels

A business will use many channels to market their products and services. It is important that in all these channels, you have customer representatives to attend to the complaints of the customers, their needs as well as inform them further about the products.

There is need to have a customer representative on the phone, on the social media avenues and on email. The IT team will also integrate a chat feature on the websites for instant communication.

  8. Help customers book tickets

Tickets are quite irking and no one likes to use them. However, the ticketing system is perhaps the only credible way for customers to lodge complaints. But there is a way that IT can make the customers love the ticketing system. One of the ways is to ensure that when a customer opens a ticket, it stays open until the customer is satisfied. IT can also follow up to find out whether the customer was satisfied and then close the ticket.

  9. Help customers reach the business anytime of the day

When your business has customers from all over the world, or even from just one region, well, one thing that you would like to do is to ensure that the avenues of communication stay open all the time so that customers can reach the business at their own convenience rather than at the convenience of the business. Email, website contact forms, communication on social media and instant messaging assure the customers that they can reach the business during the day, night, weekends and holidays.

  10. Provide customers with what they need, when they need it

Here is how it works … the IT team deploys systems that will gather customer data, their demographics, buying habits, what they do when they visit the business website and whether they are return customers … that sort of thing. Now, all of this data cannot be used if it is in its raw form. IT will however process the data into actionable information, which will then be passed down to the marketing and the customer care teams for action and follow up.


There, you have seen how important the IT team is to the customer care department. IT enhances customer service in more than 10 ways in which, but these are the basics.

Posted on September 22, 2016 .