IT User Satisfaction Survey

Boost satisfaction with IT by 18%

Improve the perception of the IT department in less than 6 months, without paying for additional resources, with the PÜLS monthly survey.

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Find out how your users perceive IT

Quick and unobtrusive

Each month, survey a different segment of employees. The PÜLS survey takes only 90 seconds to complete, and respondents only see the questions that are relevant to them. 

Honest and insightful

Survey respondents are kept anonymous to guarantee honest responses, though we can pass on your questions if you want to follow up. 

High response

Because it’s quick and anonymous, PÜLS response rates are typically above 40%. 



Improve IT services while staying within budget


Focus your resources

Deal with pockets of dissatisfaction within your organization to quickly create a big improvement in perception. 


Contain costs

Upgrade equipment only in the most pressing places, where it will have the biggest impact. 


Get continuous feedback

Try out one strategy at a time, and use the survey responses to either reinforce it or eliminate it altogether. 

Build a positive brand for IT

Improve the credibility of the IT department

Typical outcomes include an 18% increase in user satisfaction as well as a 5%-10% increase in IT budgets.


Become seen as a business partner within your organization

Following the survey, the IT department becomes perceived as a business partner rather than as an obstacle. The value of IT is recognized throughout the company. 

Boost IT morale

IT is typically exposed only to criticism, but ⅓ of PÜLS survey results are positive. Morale improves, particularly on the frontlines such as the help desk. 


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Am I going to create new expectations?

Every time someone is surveyed they do expect to see some level of changes. That being said, most users are very realistic in their comments. Most of the time, it is more about removing "dissatisfiers", little things that irritates them such as the length of the video cable in the conference rooms, etc. 


Surveys are not part of our culture

Some business leaders are not keen on running employee surveys. The fact that only 1/12th of the employees get surveyed at any given month make the survey very low-key. and since it is only 90 seconds, it tends to not make a lot of organizational noise. 



Can I see who gave a particular comment? 

No all answers are confidential and we will never reveal the identity of a respondent. 


Can I really stop anytime? 

Yes, there is no obligation. You can stop surveys anytime you want.