Conference: The three obstacles to the business value of IT

ISACA - Montréal

January 26th, 2016


Business value of IT is an elusive concept that is difficult to achieve for many IT leaders. Articles on business value tend to focus on governance and decision-making. But in doing so they neglect a key component of the business value equation: the users.

Leveraging insights from business value research as well as over 100,000 user survey, Chapleau identifies the three major obstacles to delivering business value. Through case studies, he demonstrates how IT leaders can avoid these obstacles, measure and actively manage business value.

Simon Chapleau is the president of Green Elephant, a company dedicated to helping corporate services leaders become strategic partners within their organization. He also serves on board, advising organization on how to make the most out of their corporate services groups. Prior to that he was CIO for Sanimax, a North American recycling company and a director for Gartner Inc.