The Surprising Factors Driving the Business Value of IT. 


Most of us believe that business value is achieved through new applications. That’s a mistake, says Simon Chapleau. The secret to business value it get get users to actually USE the applications, to accept to become dependant on them. 

Drawing on a comprehensive study of over 200 organizations, Chapleau exposes the mismatch between what drives business value and what IT leaders focus on. in Aligned, he examines the six pillars of business value and offers smart and surprising techniques to put them into action. Bursting with big ideas, ALIGNED will transform how you manage IT to deliver more value.

What you will learn in this book


Why some IT departments are aligned while others aren't

Six Factors

The six factors that distinguishes high-value IT departments

Value Creation Engine

How you can apply the six principles and deliver value 

About the author: 

Simon Chapleau is the founder of Green Elephant, a research and consulting firm who's mission is to help IT departments align themselves with the business. 

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