ALÏGN - Business Relationship Management Methodology

Our ALÏGN relationship management methodology helps you increase the business value of the IT department in a quantifiable way, without increasing costs


Get immediate advice on how to improve the IT department

Action plans that work

Don’t expect long reports. ALÏGN is workshop-driven, and leverages outside data and benchmarking on other companies. The result is concrete action items that you can start implementing right away.  

Regular meetings with a rolling yearly plan

We meet with you every quarter for a strategy review session and to plan the next 12 months. We provide ongoing support in case you have specific needs or projects.

Key insights into what your users really want

ALÏGN works in tandem with PÜLS, our monthly user satisfaction survey. PÜLS allows you to quickly identify the strategies that should be reinforced and those that should be eliminated, saving you time and money.  


Align your services with the priorities of each department

Remediation to fix the biggest problems

We help you design a plan to quickly increase user satisfaction by improving basic services, all the while keeping your budget constant.

A partnership plan for higher-level needs

We work with you to identify the key services you should be offering to various departments, and the key people in these departments who need to be happy with your performance.

A critical look at your your own team

We examine how you’re spending your money, whether your team is focused, and whether you have the right resources.

Grow the brand of the IT department

Increase positive perception and trust

The outcome of the ALÏGN process is that users within your organization will look forward to working with the IT department, and will see you as a partner rather than as an obstacle.

Improve project success

Thanks to the increased trust in the IT department, strategic projects will have a greater success rate, which will additionally build your brand within the organization.

Contain costs

By relying on our coaching and the PÜLS survey information, you will be able to do more with less by focusing your resources where they will have the most impact.


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